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Our master trainer Ajarn Paul Metayo “Pon in Thai” began fighting in Thailand at the age of 13 and holds a professional unmatched fighting record of 114-16.

Metayo opened his first MuayThai gym in Fresno, California in 1991 to 2001 and in Clovis, California from 2001 to 2006. As director of National Muaythai Promotion, he promoted Muaythai events from 1996 to 2006. In 2007 he started teaching also in Arizona.

He has produced several champions in California as summarized below: 5 times world champion Alex F-14 Gong (who later became Fairtex Muaythai owner from 1995 to 2002), Chris Brannum, Alexis Sekulitz Fernandez, Lisette Pelayo, Neveen Contreras, Joanne Mancillas, David Anderson, Kirk Floyd, Ruben Rivera, Gilbert Blancas, David Hollister, and Joey De La Cruz.

From 2007 to present, our gym has produced a few fighters as followed: Andrew Earl, Vanessa Arreguin, Brian Trubl, Ivan Cazares, Dan Mifflin, Daniel Matei, Peter Villasenor Junior, Kyler Smith, Eddie Vargas Junior, Javier Meraz, Jerald Calip, Davin Boesiger and Athena Austin.

                     Paul Metayo


Known as “The art of eight limbs,” because of its use of hands, elbows, feet and knees to string striking combinations, MuayThai or Thai boxing is one of the oldest Martial Art forms and still used today by most military and Special Operations forces around the world, due to its effectiveness as a form of close-combat using the entire body as a weapon.

Also because fighters, soldiers and any person committed to learning MuayThai, benefit from its intense training sessions, soon achieving an overall peak fitness condition. This almost 1000 years old martial art combines all under one roof the single benefits provided by many of today’s popular work outs with fancy names. Endurance, stamina, strength, explosive power, speed and all the perks of having an elite athlete aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, such as better breathing and blood circulation capacity and a healthier and faster metabolism, reducing excess weight in a natural way, toning muscular mass and improving mechanical functions, as well as providing us with a feeling of calmness, even improving the quality of our sleeping hours, and making it easier to stay alert and better focus on our daily activities. Changes in physical and intellectual performance are soon noticed at work, school studies and sports practices.


If you want to fight like a Thai fighter, train under the watchful eyr of a Thai fighter. We welcome you to come out and join us at Metayo MuayThai Boxing in Arizona and California. We must warn you however, that if you are looking for a big, fancy gym that offers laid-back training: This is the wrong place. We are not big or fancy, but instead offer you the best MuayThai training anywhere in Arizona and California.


Our gym offers a traditional MuayThai instruction based on the teaching method of MuayThai in Thailand.

Metayo MuayThai emphasizes in teaching MuayThai for physical conditioning, street self-defense, and ring proven competition to persons of all ages and levels of fitness.

If you want to train to be a fighter, you need to train with someone who is a fighter or former fighter. Our gym head trainers are real fighters, won numerous bouts, developed and trained actual World Champions, and Golden Glove Champions, and our head trainers are actual champions and former champions.

Our academy offers a traditional Muaythai instruction based on the teaching method of Muaythai in Thailand.

Metayo Muaythai emphasizes in teaching Muaythai for physical conditioning, street self-defense, and ring proven competition to persons of all ages and levels of fitness.

Our academy also provides a certification training course for Muaythai, Cardio-kickboxing, Cardio-boxing, full-contact karate and ultimate body shaping.

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